Lifetime waranty


What do you mean by lifetime warranty?

It's as simple as it sounds! Our products are built to endure a lifetime, if not longer. If anything goes wrong at any time, reach out to us with your order number and invoice. We'll handle everything from there.

What if just part of the bed has an issue?

Whether it's one part or the whole bed with a problem, we don't discriminate. If it's faulty, we'll replace it at zero extra cost to you. Our commitment to the lifetime warranty is unwavering, and we'll do whatever it takes to uphold it.

Wait...aren't you going to lose money by offering a lifetime warranty?

We might, but we're fairly confident we make products that will rarely have any issues. In addition, our mission from the start has been to sell products that endure a lifetime. If one of our items ever falls short of this promise, we'll step up and replace the defective parts, or the entire bed if needed.

What if it just starts squeaking but has no other issues?

That's still an issue! If part or all of the bed is faulty, we'll work with you to identify the problem and replace the affected components as needed.

Do you have more questions? Chat with us on WhatsApp or call us directly.
David Morgan
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I ordered, from Ireland, the Temptation floating bed with solid oak wood and 2 attachable side tables. I asked a lot of questions, and I requested some customisations. The seller was responsive, patient and made the customisations I sought. The bed arrived in Ireland from Romania very well packaged and to spec. It is very high quality, and it looks impressive and elegant. As an engineer, I appreciate the design of the bed in terms of assembly as it is constructed to be sturdy, and I expect it will last a lifetime(s). Instead of a hard-to-understand installation guide, they shared a video showing how to assemble the bed, which is much more intuitive.
Sean Cronin
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This bed is simply phenomenal, very attractive and sturdy, while still looking elegant. It was extremely easy to assemble, and once put together it's simply beautiful. We were having serious difficulty finding something of this quality in this price bracket locally - this is a quality item. Massif was a pleasure to work with. They were extremely quick to answer any question I had, kept us in the loop throughout the process, and delivered a quality item. We were extremely impressed from start to finish. Easy to recommend.
Denise Melnick
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This is the most solid and beautiful bed I've ever seen in my life! I could not be happier with it. I wanted it a little higher than standard and they changed it for me with no additional cost which is you know..pretty rare.
Suvir Gupta
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I ordered the Temptation bed mid March 2023 and it arrived at the end of April. The bed is perfectly execute, makes no sounds when you sit on it or even jump in it. My kids have been jumping in it almost on a daily basis and has zero issues. The only reason I don't give them a 5 star rating is that the bed arrived 10 days late. They did give me a discount for a future order to make for it.
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