Lifetime waranty


What do you mean by lifetime warranty?

Exactly that! Our products are designed and manufactured to last a lifetime...or more. So, if anything breaks at any point just contact us and have your order number and invoice on hand. We'll take care of the rest.

What if just part of the bed has an issue?

It does not matter to us if one part or all of the bed has issues, if it's faulty we'll replace it at no additional cost to you. We are fully committed to the lifetime warranty concept so we'll do any steps necessary to maintain that.

Wait...aren't you going to lose money by offering a lifetime warranty?

No, not really. We've started this journey with one objective: only  sell products that last a lifetime. If at any point in time one of our products doesn't live up to that, we'll replace the faulty parts (or the entire bed).

What if it just starts squeaking and has no other issues?

Then it means it means part or all of it is faulty! We'll communicate with you to find out if there's just one part or all of it at fault and we'll replace accrodingly.

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