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Earn 200 EUR commission per sale with Massif's affiliate program!

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Products that practically sell themselves

As an affiliate, you can feel confident promoting our beds knowing that you are offering your audience a high-quality, well-made product from a trusted brand that offers a range of customization options to meet their specific needs.

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Here's how easy it is to start making money with Massif

Massif's affiliate system is designed with you in mind. Our easy-to-use dashboard gives you a detailed view of your earnings and performance, so you can track your progress and optimize your strategy.

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Promote Massif products through your affiliate link or your discount code and get at least 10% commission from each sale


You will earn an average of 200 € for each product sold and we offer monthly payouts no matter how much you've earned.

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Affiliate FAQs

How does the Massif affiliate program work?
  • Our affiliate program allows you to earn a commission for every sale you refer to our website.
  • Simply sign up for the program and start promoting the products through your affiliate link or affiliate discount code
  • When a customer clicks through your link and makes a purchase on our website, you earn a commission.
  • Also, when a customer uses your discount code you earn a comission
How much commission can I earn with the Massif affiliate program?
  • We offer a generous 10% commission rate on all sales referred by our affiliates.
  • The average order value for our products is around 2000 EUR, so there is significant earning potential for affiliates who promote our products.
How do I get paid as an affiliate?
  • We pay our affiliates monthly via PayPal or bank transfer.
  • You can track your earnings and view your payment history on your affiliate dashboard.
Is there a minimum threshold for payout?
  • Yes, we have a minimum payout threshold of 200 EUR.
What kind of support do you offer for affiliates?
  • Our dedicated affiliate support team is available to answer any questions or provide assistance whenever you need it.
  • We provide you with weekly promotional materials like videos and pictures
  • We also provide regular updates and insights to help you optimize your performance and increase your earnings.
Can I promote Massif on social media?
  • Yes, you can promote our products on your social media channels, as long as you follow our guidelines for using our branding and messaging.
Is there any cost to join the Massif affiliate program?
  • No, there is no cost to join our affiliate program. It is completely free to sign up and start promoting our products.