Can I get my money back if I'm not happy?

Absolutely! We are committed to full customer satisfaction and thus we'll refund you completely if you are not happy with our beds for whatever reason and decide within 100 days. You don't need to provide a reason but we'll ask you what we could have done better.

To prove how confident we are that you'll love the bed, if you decide to ask for a can also keep the bed.

Wait...what? I get a refund and I can keep the bed? Are you nuts?

Surprised? A full refund and keep the bed? Sounds wild, right? Let us explain.

Despite serving over 1000 customers, we haven't had to issued a single refund. Yes, not even one. Sure, we've replaced a few parts due to transport damage, but a full refund? far at least.

Our products are tailor-made, crafted from scratch just for you. The chances of someone needing the same model in the same size are slim, so instead of it gathering dust in our factory, we let you keep it.

So...won't people abuse your policy?

Possibly. It's a risk we're willing to accept. Our customer base has been nothing but exceptional, with over 40% returning to purchase another bed, thrilled by their first experience.

We're optimistic this trend will persist. If the policy abuse starts growing, we'll reassess. But for the time being, we're standing by our policy.

What if a part of the bed arrives broken?

Received a broken part? No worries! If any component of your bed isn't perfect, just let us know. We'll promptly replace it, no questions asked. Since we produce every part of the bed ourselves, there's no need to replace the whole bed.

How long do I have to wait to receive my money back?

We'll process your refund in 10-15 business days and the money will be deposited in a bank account of your choice.

Do you have more questions? Chat with us on WhatsApp or call us directly.
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